June 13, 2021


Dating can be compared to a football match. There are certain guidelines you need to respect for the success of your love life. You are destined to fail if you do not stick to your lane. Here are 5 boundaries you need to set in your relationship:-
1. Social Media use:
The way you act on social media is very important if you want to keep your relationship strong. There are some things you should never share or discuss on social media. For example, never talk about your cheating man on social media. You are only exposing his or her dirty linen in public also never toast or possibly respond to a toast on social media, you don’t know tomorrow or who’s the real person you’re chatting with.
2. Sharing:
There are some things you cannot share with your phone: For instance, sharing your phone can bring more harm than good. You never know what the people around you can do. You might end up leaving your home because of a wrong message from an unknown person.
3. Communication:
Communication is among the tenets of a successful relationship. Your partner needs to know how to communicate with you. For instance, she should not expect you to chat with her when you are busy working.
4. Names to call your partner:
There are certain names that you should call your partner. Such names can end up leading to breakups. Once you decide to be together, respect your partner. Some of the sweetest ways to call him or her include bae, honey, darling and my love among others.
5. Fights:
Fights ruin relationships. Set boundaries when it comes to fights. For instance, financial fights can make things not to work out for you even if you love your partner so much.
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