June 13, 2021


The basic fate of an intimate relationship is marriage, not a single lady wants to be used and dumped just like trash but to be married to the guy she has dated for long.
Guys find little things ‘wife material’ in a woman. Here is what a lady should do to ensure she is preferred for marriage.
1. Stop nagging:
Most men don’t like ladies who nag a lot, avoid nagging like a baby or a teen in a relationship. Men expect maturity in a lady looking forward to marriage. Avoid nagging at all cost till he says ‘yes I do’.
2. Avoid partying all night with your friends :
A lady mature enough for marriage do not party every weekend. Instead, find yourself working hard to earn your own income because every man wants a hardworking lady that can stand on her own.
3. Support him whenever he needs your support :
Men do not like to ask for any kind of support from a lady until they are pushed to the extreme and they don’t have an option. If he request for a support from you, provide the needed support to the best you can. He will always have you on his mind as the one to spend the rest of his life with.
4. Clean his house whenever you visit him:
Do you visit him at his place during the weekends? If you do then you should always leave his house clean and sparkling. Men love ladies who can keep their house clean all the time.
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