June 13, 2021


There are some qualities a man can possess that would make him not just a good relationship partner but a great one. There are so many things that could make a man be a great relationship partner and every man can be that great relationship partner if he makes the decision to.
I hear women talk about how hard it is to find a good man; I mean there are over a billion men on earth, it shouldn’t be that hard right? I have seen women let go of a man who tick all the right boxes and instead go for man who tick the wrong boxes. I have seen women who want to have a great man but aren’t ready to be that great woman for her man.
This article is targeted at not just men but women as well. Its aim is to let a woman understand the qualities that a great man possesses so as not to take him for granted. The article also aims to push every man out there to be a great relationship partner, and for every woman out there to appreciate that man and as well as be that great woman for her man.
Below are some qualities that makes that man a great partner… and yes, they are achievable.
1. HE HELPS HIS WOMAN BECOME BETTER: A great man isn’t just interested in having a relationship with a woman; he’s interested in everything about her. He wants his woman to stand out, he wants her to be excellent and he does everything to make her better.
2. HE LOVES HIS WOMAN TO THE CORE: A great man is also a great lover; he isn’t the one for the games, he isn’t here today and there tomorrow. A great man loves his woman; she’s his inspiration, and never for a second would he take her for granted.
3. HE’S A GOOD LISTENER: The best communicators are those who listen. Everyone wants to be heard in a relationship, but not many are ready to listen and this is where the great man stands out. He listens to his lady, he hears everything she has to say and this would make him understand her better.
4. HE’S READY TO SHOW THE WORLD HE LOVES HIS WOMAN: This quality is what strikes me most about a great man; he takes pride in the woman in his life and isn’t shy of telling the world that.
5. HE DOES THE EXTRAORDINARY: The great man isn’t great by doing the normal; he does the extraordinary for his woman. The second tip talks about him being a hard-core lover, and that pushes him to go the extra mile for his lady. The great man isn’t just a talker; he goes out of his comfort zone to show his woman the love he has for her.
6. HE MAKES HER FEEL GOOD ABOUT HERSELF: A great man makes his woman feel beautiful; he’s not the one who complains about everything, but rather the one who appreciates the good he sees. He doesn’t just love his woman but he makes the woman love herself even more.
7. HE’S HONEST: I hear people talk more about trust, but honesty actually comes before trust. You wouldn’t trust a man who isn’t honest. A great man is honest to his woman; he isn’t sneaky, he isn’t unfaithful and he’s not the type to drop those little white lies. He’s mature enough to live an honest lifestyle.
8. HE WANTS A FUTURE WITH YOU: A lot of men date women even when they know they aren’t interested in her and care less about her future. A great man loves a woman he would have a future with, he isn’t shy of taking things further, he isn’t scared of having a tomorrow with that special woman in his life, and he’s responsible for today and plans for tomorrow.
9. HE ISN’T TWO FACED: Some men are two-faced to their women; they pretend to be what they aren’t, they pretend to love even when they don’t and they also go about talking behind the backs of their ladies. A great man loves and loves for real; he isn’t two-faced, and he knows how to express himself when he’s unhappy with his lady.
I would urge every man to strive to be great in his relationship and I would end this article by telling every woman to ask herself just one question: are you worthy of a great man? Let’s all be the best we can be, and have a relationship we’d all be proud of. The world would be a better place if we do this.
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