June 13, 2021


Let’s look at some of the roots cause of masturbation.
1. Emotional trauma as a result of abuse/ violence/molestation or rape.
2. Rejection: Some people find comfort in masturbation because of the rejection they are suffering from parents, peers, or their boyfriend or girlfriend)
3. Occultic Activities: I counseled a cult guy who confessed to me that, masturbation is one of their initiation rites. You will masturbate before all the cult members until you ejaculate. As soon as your pour forth your sperm, they will give you standing ovation and welcome hugs and they will all lick your sperm with their last finger.
4. Pride: (‘I can do it myself” ‘ I don’t need any man’ ‘ I don’t need any lady’, ” I don’t need any marriage’).
5. Social Withdrawal: When you isolate yourself sexually, you might not be far from doing masturbation to keep yourself ‘company’
6 Bad mood & Problems of life..
7. To abstain from real fornication
8. Demonic possession can lead to Masturbation. Yes, some are not ordinary.
9. Pornography addiction
10. Lustful thoughts
11. Strong sexual urge, especially during ovulation or prior​ or after menstruation.

Note: None of these reasons for masturbation is a justifiable reason why you should engage in masturbation.
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