June 13, 2021


If you are not ready for the work, perhaps you should take things slow where you are now until you are ready. Just like you maintain and service your car and generators, your marriage needs to be maintained or serviced to avoid a catastrophic breakdown or engine failure.
So what are some of the things you can do to service or build your marriage? Here goes; Make your marriage your top priority. Many people, especially women think that their children are number one. Wrong! Your spouse is Your Number One. Your children (believe it or not) are number two. God is everything so don’t think I skipped that here. All else comes after family.
Remember why you fell in love and agreed to marry your spouse in the first place. Keep these reasons on the front burner and never forget them. When your faith in your marriage fails, when your love seems to be whittling down, some of these will help kick start your relationship again.
Keep romance alive, a loving touch here, kind words of affirmation there, loving surprises and gifts from time to time, sex, sex and more sex. Forgive, forgive and forgive some more. Don’t keep scores of what your partner has done to offend you. Don’t allow resentment to build.
Communicate! Communicate! Communicate! How can you understand the needs of your partner if you do not communicate? How can you express your needs to your partner if you don’t communicate? How do you express love if you do not communicate? How can you resolve your problems if you do not communicate?
Don’t assume your partner already knows you love them, tell them you do. And even if you told them this morning, tell them again. Leave no shadow of doubt that you love and will continue to love them always. Leave no doubt! Marriage is indeed high maintenance, but that’s why we are here. Sharing the tools and materials you need for servicing and building your marriage.
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