June 13, 2021


Relationships are hard work. Though they are rewarding, they do require work, effort, and sacrifice.  Why do they say “I’m in a committed relationship”. It’s because relationships take commitment. When things may go wrong, one has to stay committed to the partnership they are in.  In a sense, relationships are like investments. The more you put in it, the more you get out of it. It’s like a boat, if you aren’t rowing, putting in action, you won’t get anywhere. It’s like a garden, if you don’t tend to it, and feed it with love, what will the plants produce?

Most people pursue or get into a relationship because they want someone to love them, they want to be shown off. Few go into it thinking, what can I do to ensure this last? What can I invest into this account in hope of a better future? What work must I put into rowing to ensure this boat goes in the direction I want it to? What can I do for this garden to ensure fruits come about in the required seasons? How can I work to love this person that I’m in a committed relationship with?  Relationships are very possible to last forever, but we must put in the work.

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