June 13, 2021


Look, your husband is not a baby. No one can “snatch” him without his permission. Some women see their husband as a little weakling who has no brain of his own and can’t think at all. They see him as an idiot who is too weak to resist any female attention so they swing into action to “protect” him by searching his phone, probing him, eying every female that hangs around him and caging him. No, they can’t cage him 24/7. They pay cheap gossips at his office to monitor his every movement and eventually develop hypertension! Look, you will just kill yourself! No one can snatch your husband like a handbag at the public market. No one can steal your husband unless he is beaten to a state of comma and carried off. No woman can make him leave you unless he wants to. All these crap I hear from women that “My husband is innocent. He sat on his own when the lady came to meet him, seduced him, use juju on him and made him marry her” gets me worked up. He slept with her because he WANTED to, period! She was able to seduce him because he WELCOMED her. If he said NO, she would stop dead in her track. He married her because he was sick and tired of your boring marriage and wanted something new and exciting, it’s as simple as that. You can’t keep a man hell bent on straying. If he didn’t do it with Ngozi, he will definitely run away with Bintu. A cheat will cheat whether you police him or not. What you need to do is work on your marriage. Make yourself so indispensable in your husband’s life that no woman can snatch him. When a man is thoroughly satisfied at home, who is the witch that will carry him off? When you totally adore him, creatively seduce him, generously feed him, lavishly make love to him, excessively forgive him, graciously accept his weaknesses, totally befriend him, completely trust him and ceaselessly pray for him, which woman from the pit of hell wants to carry your husband off? Women will do well to focus on real things and stop chasing shadows. A successful marriage is not built on wishful thinking but HARDWORK. You can’t fold your arms and let things slide only to wake up when another woman is chasing your husband. Give your husband your best and he will not allow any woman to snatch him from you.
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