June 13, 2021


To love is to identify, study and understand your partner’s values, rules, beliefs, secrets, flaws, past and present experiences including stains, and you still choose to respect each other’s differences and appreciate the similarities. You still want to spend the rest of your life with that person, you choose to look past those things and still want to be with each other because you are only focused on the bright side of things. It’s not just about having sex, taking each other on several dates or holding each other’s hands or buying each other gifts, it is about you giving up something to be with each other, sacrificing one or two things to be together. I don’t see the point if you are not looking past a horrible experience to be with your partner, or knowing a certain flaw and still not learning to be with each other, I honestly can’t understand the point in loving if all you seek for is perfection. It is pointless, because when you say you love someone, you should sometimes let go of your purified self to be with someone who is stained but willing to become as clean as a snow.

You must learn to look past what seems to be an eternal dirt and focus more on what may bring pleasure to the relationship you both share, love is to love without having to hold anything against him or her, except violence or any form of abuse is present in the relationship. Love because you have the ability to love, not because it is dependent on one’s perfection.

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