June 13, 2021


I know you are so glued and bonded in love with that person. You can’t go a day without fantasying about them, you feel butterflies in your stomach, cool. It’s a good thing to be in love,

No matter how love stricken you are, don’t ever give a person an impression that you can’t live without them. Don’t ever make them feel you are miserable and hopeless without them. Don’t make them think if they leave you, you’ll
never be happy again. No matter the love, don’t lose your independence in a relationship. Because, that is the beginning of manipulation.

When you give people the idea that you are miserable without them, automatically they consider you inferior and you become less attractive to them. They’ll so exploit your vulnerability. That’s why a lot of you are so madly in love with someone, but you hate the fact that you love them. You feel that you are so
used. Yes!!! It’s because you gave them a clue that life without them is death.

It’s a good thing to express love, but don’t express it in a foolish way. I have always had that perfect hopeless romantic and idealistic kind of love, but I had to mix it with realistic love, and that was when I understood the need for balance in love. Stop demeaning yourself before the one you love by saying you will die if they breakup with you. That statement brings down your worth so much before them.
Make them understand that you love them and that if peradventure they leave you, you’ll heal and move on and still live a better life, stop idolizing people or they’ll control, and make a mess of you. People don’t value people that are obsessed about them. A person will only value you when you give them a little hint that you are enough on your own and staying around them isn’t a need but just a want.

Stop needing people than you need yourself, need yourself and want other people. This is why most people fail in love. They so forget their independence. Forgetting that their significant other is human and is prone to take advantage of their dependence on them.

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