June 13, 2021


People marry the wrong spouses because the escape for singleness, you can deliberately enjoy every stage of your life per time, joy should not be a futuristic thing to you, joy should be now not a future thing. The bible says; rejoice in the lord always, I say rejoice. Today we will be teaching you ways to enjoy your now.
1.ENGAGE YOUR TIME PRODUCTIVELY:The time of singleness is the best time in a man or a woman’s life; it is a time of preparation, the time that determine the outcome of the remaining three stages in life. There are four stages in a human’s life
ü Childhood:This is the informative time in a human’s life
ü Adolescent:At this stage you start building your personalities and your character
ü Adult Hood / Single Hood:This start for around the age of 18, and individual knowledge, character, disposition, personalities and decisions will determine when this time will end.
ü Marriage Stage:This stage is not suppose to end until one depart from earth, some people are so fascinated about the marriage that they do not develop themselves for the marriage stage. They are so interested in finding the right partner, and they did not develop the person they what to give to the person they find. Anything you desire in life will come, if you can deliberately work towards it.
Let me quickly share you a story in my growing up stage I could remember when I was growing up, each time a relative was getting married, and a trip has to be made from the part of the state I live to the main city, I will hope to go along with other family members, and my younger brother will also be hoping, on the event day it will be obvious that we both can’t go, because of space. Then I will start crying, my younger brother will also start crying while he is preparing, I will just be crying but not preparing, when the time comes to leave, my siblings and my mum will always consider one person, which will be my younger brother who is well dressed and prepare, then I will be left behind. When you do not prepare for life the clock will not stop clicking, but when the opportunity comes you will be left behind.
The time for singleness is a time for preparation it’s the time to accurate all the skills you need, get all the knowledge that will make marriage to be successful and enjoyable, your life should have a direction, before thinking adding another person to yourself, the way to have a fun fill single hood, is for you to be engage productively. Along the way of been forced and adding value to your life you will find her or you will meet him. Anytime you see any frustrated single, when you check diligently, they are not rightly engage. Some may have jobs, but they are not doing what they love doing, and there is a danger in that, the danger is passion is compass of a man’s life. When God created a man he put inside of him what will feed him the rest of his life, what will help you locate that thing is in your passion, along the path of your passion is all your life blessings. When you are not rightfully engage in the area of your passion, there is 99% chance that you are not in a part of your blessing. God did not create anyone to lack on earth, but the thing is people are not able to find the path of their blessings. My passion is what guild me in choosing my life partner.
When you engage rightly, it gives you a sense of worth, and that enhance yourself presentation. The way you value yourself will determine how others will value you, and how you value yourself determine how you position yourself and that is how other will take you. Someone has to put value in you in other to partner with you for the rest of their life, if you are not valuable, you are not marry-able. People get married to people they put value on; even in marriage you have to rightly present yourself, for you to continuously earn your spouse respect. There are some wife’s today that insults their husbands, believe me it did not start that way. Over time because of mis-presentation and misbehavior gradually insult came into the home, yourself image will form your attitude, your attitude will form your lifestyle, and your lifestyle will influence you and the people around you. Always present yourself rightly and don’t act to be desperate, desperation will make you sell yourself cheap. People always take advantage of desperate people. And this happens each time you go the market to purchase a goods, when you show too mush interest on a particular item, the seller will take advantage of that and stay on a price, knowing you are desperate to buy the product. If you can build up a good self image and make a rightful presentation of yourself to people around you, you become valuable and attractive enough to attract the right spouses.
Ways to build up a good self image
Know that you are God master peace
Remember that you are valuable
Remind yourself that you are the only one that looks like you
See yourself the way God sees you as a peculiar person
Show yourself some respect
Add value to yourself by reading. Knowledge gives you a good self wall.
Be engage rightly. Joblessness reduce yourself worth because humans where design to work.
3.UNDERSTAND GODS NATURE OF WAITING: there is nothing that God desire like molding your life after him, He says looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of your faith, this means emulate Him, emulate his nature of patience. God has the power to do everything, yet He wait and allow time to pass, sometimes He even waits for hundreds of years, God want you to be develop so you can enjoy the process of life. The subject of waiting is so important to every living been, no matter how much you pray, a baby must pass the nine months process in the womb before you can take the baby home. Even if a baby is pre-term, it will still need an incubator to complete the process, and gradually the baby will sit and the  baby will craw and then walk, so is every of your life desire. People get frustrated at their situation because they do not understand the nature of waiting. After you have prepared, engage, prayed up, the next thing is to wait. People who force things always end up with the wrong things, your desire of getting married should not override the need of doing it rightly. The pressure comes as a result of desperation that can only dry you up and make you less attractive to your spouse.
The division you see in the world today is as a result of one woman that was unable to wait for the process of time, Her name was Sara she was married to Abraham, and was unable to have a baby for a long period of time, just when she was tired of waiting, and gave her maid to her husband to help bear children, she got pregnant shortly, learn to wait it will help you in the process of life.
4.NEVER COMPARE YOURSELF WITH OTHERS:A wise person never compare himself with another person, if you want to be happy in life, never compare yourself with other people. No two destinies are the same, which makes your destination different from mine. We can be on the same road but heading to different direction, you cannot expect the challenge I face to be same with yours. Your best friend could have been married three years ago but some other of your friends are also in their graves, you are not your friend yours will come. Better stop comparing yourself, it will only get you worked up and will not change any situation either. No two persons are the same, God hate sameness, you and your friend where not born the same day, and you will not die the same day. Abraham siblings had children way before him but none of their children had impact in history like his does. The quickest way to lose you joy is when you start comparing your life with others, you are the only one in your path so enjoy a smooth ride.
5.CONSCIOUSLY DEVELOP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE AND WORDS: Heaven and Earth were created out of a spoken word, be careful what you say in difficult times, nothing can become permanent in your life until you say so. Learn to speak as God speaks, calling those things that are not as doe they where, make a promise to yourself to speak positive word and always correct yourself whenever you make mistakes and see how that changes your life. Positive words are like a farmer that plants a seed in the feed of life. Ensure something positive is planted in your life daily, so when people ask you “when are you getting married” so things like “soon”. In reality you may not have someone, never complain to anyone, because help only comes from God not man. How was the Earth created? It was empty and He moved in the face of the earth, and he started speaking, so till forever pray to God, Speak to things and work with your hands, there are the secrete of ever growing life.
6.BELIEVE:Always believe things will change for your good, your marriage, your finances, your health and in every situation. Believe God is able to make a barre woman a joyful mother of children; He is able to do everything you expect. Develop a strong believe that you will meet your spouse soon if that is your desire. And let your believe reflect in your attitude, your outfit, your words and your composition. You should always look like a queen, that a king is searching for, or a king that is going to ask a queen out in marriage. A woman expecting to meet her spouse, should not be arguing everywhere, or misbehaving and  a man or a woman believing God for a better spouse, should not be expecting a new behavior because you are what you expect.
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