June 13, 2021


There are blessings of you valuing a woman that has been given to you, for some of you that are not married yet the woman you will meet. Because a lot of people don’t understand this, the effects of marriage have not been too pronounced the way God intended it. Because many don’t even know who the woman is, but if every man that is not even married yet understands this, it will even help you to know the kind of woman to even marry. You have to be very careful, so it would not be the woman you marry that will now make God to be angry with you. So you have to marry a woman you think you can honor, you can respect and you can do to her the way God wants you to treat her. Without a proper understanding of a woman, and know her to value her, you may not truly be happy in life, and you will not be as successful as you where meet to be successful. This now brings us to these questions; who is a woman, what role do they play, why woman, why did God even add a woman to a man’s life, why could it not just be man alone, why women.
A woman was specially designed by God and was given to a man as a gift, every woman is a gift to a man, and primary to play a helping role. And you know most of the cases gifts are unbuyable. How many of you know life is a gift, the breath is a gift and it’s not buyable, because you can pay for it, and that is who a woman is to a man. She is a gift to him, she was specially design to help him. And if I was to help you move a heavy object from one place to another, it either  I am powerful as you are or more powerful than you to help move the object, the reason you can’t move a heavy object with a weak person is because you can’t both achieve it. So a woman who is to play a helping role, should be powerful as a man or even more powerful to help him to play that helping role.
A woman helps a man to reproduce, she helps to support and helps to co-lead that was the reason a woman was created, and without a woman there would have not been mankind, because multiplication would have not been possible. And I want every man to know, when you disregard a woman in your life, you are not only disregarding her but also with her marker God. But women has been disvalued for generations to generations, and I want every man to know, the disvaluing of a woman, did not come from man, it came from the devil, it was a trick on him but he did not know, because the first time a man saw a woman, he said “now this is now the bone of my bone, the flesh of my flesh and she shall be called a woman, that means a female me” does that person sounds like who was disvaluing her? No he gave the same right to her, so that was the possession from a man to a woman, he appreciated her. Because of who she is in a man’s life Satan became envy, a man was never a treat to Satan until woman came. How? Man was in the garden, taking care of the garden but did not own the garden. The devil has been on earth before man was created, so as far as Satan was concerned, he owns the earth, he was controlling the animals and everything, no one was comparing with him. God then created a man and put there, after putting the man, He still had not bless the man, so Satan was not envious, Lucifer was blessed by God so he had that blessing and man came and have not had that blessing, so to him man was not a treat, he still know the world, you know that level by the way he was able to use serpent very easy, all the animals was to his subjections. When woman now came, God started saying be fruitful, multiply, have dominion, and these was the things that God Satan mad. Dominion over the earth I have been, and what brought the dominion was because woman came, so envy came. So he started strategizing what he would do to enter the fall of a man through the blessing (woman). So he came to tempt the woman and deceiving her, and she was still playing her role, by also making her husband eat the apple.
Consequences of the fall was when ruler-ship came, God felt because I have made you equal with this man, that’s why you can convince him, now your desire shall be upon your husband, and he shall rule over you.
Sin came due to envy and envy came because the world was given to man, so how do we know that a woman is now back to the way a man his. When Jesus came to redeem the world, He also redeemed the cursed laid on a woman, during the redemption Jesus restated woman back to creation. Anytime you still think in your heart that you are more superior to a woman, you have disregarded the cross. It is not just the woman you are disregarding, you are saying you never believed Jesus came, if you still disregarding a woman, you still living under the cursed, because if you disregard the things that saved you and gave you a blessing, then you are back to the cursed. Not only just your wife, your mother, sister, any woman, you feel she is lesser than you, and then you never believed Jesus came.
Now you will ask, what about the scripture that say, man is the head of the house. Yes that’s true, just as it is in the trinity, God the father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit, but three of them are one, but they operate in three different functions. That is how it is Jesus Christ, the man and the woman, all of them are one but they have three different functions. Jesus Christ is the Head of the man, and the man is the head of the woman, they are all equal but they have three different role. The role of a woman is the role of followership, the role of a man is the role of a leader, but that does not mean, woman is inferior and man is superior.
How to show you value a woman
1.     Love the way Christ love you
2.     Learn to respect a woman
3.     Regard her emotion
4.     Respect your relationship
How to show you disvalue a woman
1.     When you treat her like a commodity
2.     When you want to show you are superior
3.      When you watch pornography
4.     When you don’t consult her before you make decision
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