June 13, 2021


1.     Guild what you hear. Anything you keep hearing will latter form what you believe and you can never treat your spouse better than what you passive them or who you believe them to be.
2.     Think of the in the stature of in the image you want them to become.
3.     Be grateful for what they are right now per time the heart of gratitude magnifies the positive side of anything.
4.     Understand it is human to air.
5.     Make alliance for mistakes in your heart.
6.     Know there are always benefits obeying God’s instructions. So when you obey his word that says what so ever is true, and what so ever is honorable, what so ever is pure, think of those things there is benefit that he will bring to you and your family.
7.     Do it for the benefit it will bring, positive thought improve your relationship, it helps you to avoid keeping grudges, it help you build affection in relationship and it help you guild against constant disagreement.
A.   It makes you talk rudely to your spouses, there is nothing that spoils relationship like wrong words, and nobody can love you while you are rude.
B.   It makes you disrespectful, when you think wrongly of your spouse’s you will always disrespect them.
C.   It makes you unhappy. If you inbox every wrong act of your spouses, first it will be hurting your life, it will make you unhappy, anyplace you remember it, it will make you unhappy. First it is unhealthy for you to be unhappy and when  you are happy you make mistakes, and you lose good things.

D.   It can help you to end your relationship. How can love and hate be in the same place in your heart? If you are busy replaying the video tape, of the wrong of your spouse’s in your heart there is no way you can love them. If you fall out of love for a long time, all the time you will fall out of relationship. Guild against negative thought, because it is unhealthy for your relationship. Positive thought is the secret of a glorious marriage. 

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