June 13, 2021


If you love that woman, then this is how you can be romantic towards her — and your relationship with her would get better. Being a romantic man isn’t a trait to toy with. When you’re a romantic man, you can easily sweep your lady off her feet. It’s easy for your lady to fall in love with you the more when you are a romantic man.

1. Do things that would surprise her. An act of surprise is usually romantic.

2. Just call her from work to tell her you love her.
3. Celebrate her birthday with her like it meant a lot to you.
4. Leave a note somewhere she can see it telling her how much she means to you.
5. Give her attention.
6. Do something she loves with her.
7. Give her a surprise gift when she least expects.
8. Do something thoughtful for her.
9. Dole her with compliments.
10. Tell her she’s beautiful.
11. Get her a dress you feel she would look beautiful in.
12. Look into her eyes and tell her she means the world to you.
13. Take her out on dates regularly.
14. Take her out on a surprise date night.
15. If you can, close early from work just to be with her.
16. Let your friends and family know that she means a lot to you.
17. Send flowers, or cake or chocolates or a romantic basket to her at her workplace.
18. Do something thoughtful.
19. Help her anytime she needs help.
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