June 13, 2021



This is a very common word in the English dictionary, which people make use of every single day. According to John Dryden, dreams are imaginary events seen in the mind while sleeping. It can also be described as a visionary scheme; a wild conceit; an idle fancy. We can also describe dreams as what we hope for.

These days you hear lot of people dreaming of things, job, money, and life. This type of dream is not the one John Dryden was talking about, but the one I call fantasy.  A teenager/youth will tell you his or her dream is to become a Doctor, Engineer, accountant, lawyer, psychologist and name all the good job in life.


According to Wiktionary, a wish is a desire, hope, or longing for something or for something to happen. It can also be described as the process of expressing or thinking about such a desire etc. (often connected with ideas of magic and supernatural powers). It seems the words Wish and Dream have something in common. They can be both describing a single word “HOPE”.  

The word wish is commonly used at birthday parties. It gets to the time the celebrant wants to cut the cake, they tell him or her to close eyes, make a wish, and turn off the candles. Ask anyone to make a wish; you hear them pour out their heart desires or things which he or she has been seeking for years. I wish I had a girlfriend like Nicki Minaj, I wish I had $3.5millon dollars in my bank account, I wish I could sing like Chris Brow, I wish I could have a party like the one Jackso Derulo had in the wiggle music video. I wish I had this, I wish I could be that I wish I was there.

But what you dream to be or become and the thing you wish for, there are people already there, and guess, those there are also dreaming and wishing to be bigger, higher, and better.

I am not saying if you have a dream of becoming a Doctor you should quit. No, all I telling you is to stop dreaming or wishing to be or become someone.


Let say you are a Christian, Muslim or someone who believes in miracles, I will advise you to stop dreaming or wising just pray. You do believe there is someone up there who hears your prayers? You believe He has eyes he can see whatever you are passing through. You call him your creator, He knows the future, and He knows what is best for you? Then why telling him what to do?

I have come to study life to an extent, that I don’t dream nor wish for things, I ask for and I always grant permission before I take. I know this is going to confuse you, but I will explain. When I make a prayer request, I always add something “God please make it a possibility if you know it’s best for me”.   

Have you ever imagine why you have never had hundreds of thousands of dollars in your bank account? Or perhaps why your father could never buy a car? If no, I will advise you to put something into consideration. Imagine you have $300.000 dollars in your bank account and it was only meet to be spent by you, what would you use it for? Have you ever imagined if your father had cars and gave you one as your birthday gift, you would have a ride to your death? No, you never thought of it. I am trying to say having millions of dollars and good cars in your position is bad. But the bad thing is how it would have affected you.

Maybe God saw that if you would be what you dreamt of, it will wrongly affect you that is why He is giving you what He knows is best for you. I have come to study God so much, that when He sees you too desperate to get anything, He gives.

That is why you hear stories like the man just bought his first car last week and got an accident with it yesterday, and he died. In Africa where I came from, Nigeria precisely they will tell you the enemies it at work (black magic). Mr. Gabriel got a contract of $500.000 dollars yesterday morning and he got a heart attack last night. The heart attack was not because he was spiritually attacked, but because he was thinking of how and where to secure the money from harmed rubbers, kidnaper, or fraud.

These are the things God is trying to secure you from, but you are just too carried away to see them. Maybe God wants you to be the best of what He knows is best for you these are why your fantasy dreams and wishes are not coming true.

Note; everything has its own set time, if you were meant to be what you dreamt or wish to become, it is just a matter of time and hard work. So I will advise stop dreaming or wishing, just pray.

By: Ihonwa Uyigue George

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