June 13, 2021

ANGER; A DEADLY ENEMY by Pastor Judith Daniel Imagoro

Anger is the number enemy to life and relationship, and it’s the destroyer of love, it’s one of the major cause of devours in our days, and it’s the greatest threat, to marital harmony. Anger is a secondary emotion which usually, comes from fear, hurt, disappointment, and frustration. When someone, for instance, someone say something nasty to you, first you will be hurt, but by the time you replay the videotape of that word in your heart it forms anger, but anger is a choice, you can choose to be angry and you can choose not to. Anger should never be welcomed as a heart guest.

Because it has the ability to destroy the carrier and every other person around them. And the amazing thing about is, you could be caring for it for a long time, and the offender may not even be aware of it. No angry spouse can be a lovely spouse at the same time. Anger can be in a cycle, for instance, your boss can fill up your anger tank, you get home and fill that of your wife, and your wife fills that of your children if you are not careful and you don’t control the things that come to you during the day, you will raise an angry generation.

Anger can destroy the health of the carrier, anger forms a conic hostility and it also links to heart disease. You must learn to control your anger because when you say something’s when you are angry, you can never take it back, even when you have resolved the issue.

A personality test was run in the 60s of medico and law students, and hostility was measured, after twenty-five years the student was stroke down, by the age of fifty only four percent (4%) of the lawyer that was rank as easy-going had died two percent (2%) of the doctors that were ranked as easy-going had died, lawyers who were ranked high on hostility has twenty percent (20%) mortality rate and that of the doctors four percent.

Anger boost your heart rate, raise your blood pressure, and lead to the increased clocking of the heart rate. Angry is very dangerous to your health. Been angry with another person is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to be sick. A lot of people who live in Lagos, Nigeria, statistics says; are more angry people than people who live in other cities. And that is why the death rate in Lagos, is more than people who live in other cities or villages. Anger can destroy creativity, the man that thought of an airplane must be a very calm mind, you cannot be angry and eventful at the same time.

No wonder the bible says to be anxious for nothing, because God knows that anxiousness will destroy your ability to be creative. Isaiah says; I will give you the hidden treasure of darkness, and the hidden riches of secret places, this is because its secret that makes people, before Microsoft and Facebook was discovered, they were still in the secret, and it only took a very calm, settled and angry free mind to discover those secret, you must free yourself from anger, to discover the treasure within. Anger can destroy destiny.

There was a man called Moses in the bible, he had a very cordial relationship with God, to the point that God testified that he talks to Moses like a man talks to his own friend, he was the only man that has seen part of God physically and yet he lived, but anger ended up his destiny prematurely.

God instructed Moses, to speak to the rock to bring forth water, but because he was angry he stroke the rode twice, because of that disobedience, he ended his destiny prematurely. Be careful people might just want to push you out of your destiny by anger, but you can choose not to respond.

Didn’t it surprise you? It was the attitude of the children of Israel that pushed Moses to stroke the rod but yet it was not the people that ended up prematurely, but him that choose to respond to that anger. You have to learn how to develop self-control, and deliberately refuse people, from taking you out of the track of your destiny. 

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