June 13, 2021


I will be very correct to tell you that many people out there who make use of the word “success” don’t even know what it means. Sometimes people think success is all about having fame, riches, and respect. The English dictionary describes success as “the achievement of one’s aim or goal”. There are a lot of definitions and meanings of success but I will take that a more composed meaning, in other words, it carries the definition and meaning.

To be successful does not mean you must have half of the world in your hands, or probably, ride on a Bugatti or Ferrari, to be a success don’t mean you must live in coconut highland, have a mansion and but to the definition I took, success talks about achievement, which is the act of achieving or performing a successful performance. And after it said one’s aim and goal, the word one’s there means your.

Now let’s configure the definition removing one’s and putting your, then it will be; success is the achievement of your aim or goal. I guess it is now clear to you. Those that said ridding on different cars, sleeping in a mansion, drinking champagne, and sleeping with different girls all night, is what they describe as success, that is their own aim and goal, not yours.

What kind of life do you wish to have, graduate from high school before the age of eighteen? Have a good-paying job and start your life before the age of twenty-four, get married before twenty-seven, start having kids before thirty? And everything seems to be working as you have planned? Then you should describe yourself as being successful.   As my mum will always say, as your faces or different so as your heart desires. Your aim is not my aim, so my goal is different from yours. So the way I measure my success, should not be the way you yours.

Let take the example of Michael Farraday who was said to be successful after making electricity, mike Tyson success was measured by the numbers of people he has to knock down with punches, Michael Jackson was said to be successful because he did the best pop song of all time, Jordan was because he was the best shooter in the game of basketball, we have talked about true length, who has made histories, now let take it down a little bit.

Few people will know the name Karmin, they are two American artists who do covers on original songs, they were said to be successful because they achieved their fame, from doing covers. There are millions of examples out there, so we will stop here.   So what is your aim or goal, is it the big life or just the simple one? You might measure your success with your happy family, you can measure your success with the peaceful life you are living, have you ever wanted to have that first-class certificate and you finally did? Then call yourself been successful, because it was a goal which you finally scored.

Note: there are people out there who have all it takes in life, money, power, fame, just mention, but they still find something to worry about, either one or two of their aims and goals are still yet to be carried out. All I am trying to say is that success is not all about riches, fame, and respect, it is all about you having something or life you have dreamed for.

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