June 13, 2021


Hello, I know there is no better way to stay faithful to your partner other than having a strong level of self control and discipline, but do you know there are simple everyday things we can do to keep ourselves from cheating without even trying? Let me share a few tricks with you;

1. Publicly acknowledge your relationship status when you’re with other people: For some of us this is the last thing we try to do when we are in a new community or circle of friends, we are never comfortable admitting that we’re in a relationship, we do everything possible to look single, especially when we have noticed potential people we could hook up with. One amazing thing about publicly acknowledging your relationship status is that it eliminates any possibility of a hookup within that circle, which to me is doing yourself a lot of good.

2. Purposely bring up your partner in your conversations: In those moments when you’re having a chat with someone whom you fear you might begin to get attached to, or who might begin to get attached to you, bring up mentions of your partner in your conversations. Talk about something they did or say that is related to the topic of discussion. Not in an annoying manner though, but in a way that is polite, to give them the message that you’re proud of who you’ve got, and there’s no room for accommodation.

3. Save your partner’s contacts on your phone with a unique pet name that suggest to other people that “hey, this is boo” ????. Imagine if you’re in a position to compromise and your phone starts ringing with something like “my love” “my king”, “my one and only” showing on the screen? I will be stupid to initiate anything further after seeing that, cos that clearly implies that you’re taken. But imagine if the display name bugging your phone was something like “Samuel Glo, Esther Mtn, Bayo 2”, LOL, more reasons to press on.

4. Using the photo of your love as a wallpaper and screen saver is also a brilliant trick but in this part of the world? hmmm, someone can use the photos of your entire generation as a screen saver and still cheat on you? but it works though. I use it too, when you see the photo of one particular pretty lady popping up on my screen every minute am sure that will minister something to you, except maybe you need Holy Ghost sense. ????

5. Now this is practically me, besides the fact that there’s an amazing pet name that shows up every time the phone rings, there is also a caller photo that shows up when she calls, these things are great for people who want to enjoy a long lasting relationship with one person. Okay what if there’s a special caller ringtone attached to it too? Well, I smell total commitment.

6. Mention your partner in prayer every single time you get the chance, and ask God for the grace to keep you clued to each other, because that’s the only thing that will work when everything else fails. You might be so discipline with the highest level of self control, but it is not flesh and blood we wrestle against, it’s the unseen forces of darkness all around us, all else will fail buddy, only Grace will carry us when the chips are down.

I hope you can steal one or two tricks from here and help yourself because the truth is that most times it’s not about us, we might have self-control, but how about the people we meet every day? Can we trust them to be disciplined enough to leave us alone? You get it right?

BY: David Ekpobio

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