June 13, 2021


People can hardly differentiate between self respect and pride, some take pride for self-respect, while others mistake pride for self-respect. Pride which people usually say it comes before fall, has a lot of negative ways which it can affect you. I will tell you, every human has sense of pride, but the big question is, are you using your pride rightly or your pride is using you wrongly? People who uses their pride rightly are people we describe to have self-respect.

I will give you an example of what I describe as self-respect. For instance, you went to an open party with your friends, or probably a friend’s birthday, and due to the fun and happiness, everyone was drunk, you knew your limit so you kept to it, and your friends are still adding to what they already had, but you stopped at your limit. Guess what, someone at the party will always describe you with one word “PRIDE”.

He or she will say you have so much pride that you don’t just want to tag along with your friends. Not knowing you are only trying to give yourself some respect not to get drunk and in the end, start messing up.

And in other words, pride is a very big problem I see around the world today. I have heard a lot of stories from people regretting mistakes they have made due to pride. Because of pride, sometimes we do things we are not supposed to do, or letting goes of something we are supposed to hold on to. Pride might be the reason you lost that job, what about that your last relationship that just crashed like an airplane? Or because of what you proudly said you could not do what you love till today, pride don’t make you it destroys you.

But sometimes pride is what we need to deal with some issues. So I am here to tell you today, pride which I will describe as a software our creator installed in us should be used at the perfect situation and time, then it will be described as “Self-Respect”.

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