June 13, 2021

JUST IMAGINE IT WAS REAL & IN NIGERIA (Coming to America the movie)

Everybody knows that popular film, “Coming to America” by Eddie Murphy. I come imagine the story line, where Akeem as he call himself for the film, come enter relationship when done already dy lead to marriage, come break them. I come imagine say na Nija that kind thing for happen. You know say Akeem na ajebor when come dy form street boy, while Lisa boyfriend, I don forget he name, na street boy when dy form soft. After the small quarrel when them get about the wedding anniversary, na him Akeem take over the girl heart. Na two things I wan draw out of this matter, if to say na Nigeria.

As Akeem see say the two couples get matter, and na better person as he claim for the film, him nor suppose settle them? Two people when don dy date before you even enter town, two people when don dy even dy plane to marry self. Ha, for my own point of view oh, forget say Akeem like the babe, him na bad person, he for lockup for the babe mata.

The Lisa boyfriend na even fuckup guy self, well sha, maybe he nor get friends for area, you know say him come dy form soft, so maybe him dy form for the niggers when dy he hood,  because them suppose treat Akeem fuckup, nor be lie oh, them suppose play am better style.

Come to think of it him nor get bodyguard for the junction, he just dy like nor person for the area. If to say na Nija this kind thing for happen, somebody come use your small mistake overtake you, and e come be say na babe when you like, hum, nor be everybody oh, but I know watin 70% of watin Nija guys go do. I even be say Lisa too spoil self.

Guy when you just know for just two weeks, you because of am break your long time relationship. But when I come latter reason am na watin many girls go do oh, her boyfriend nor even get any competition if you compare am to Akeem, forget say she latter come know say the guy get owo, nor be even the owo make the babe fall in love with the guy. For fineness, Akeem na Kelly Handsome for where the guy dy, for maturity, Akeem na brother, the guy just dy believe on the small change when he get, and he nor come even get talking code.

So you see say Lisa nor too get fault for the mata, na watin 97% of girls go do, and she come latter still know say the guy na Omo Baba Olowo.

By: George Uyigue Ihonwa



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