June 13, 2021


During my days of teaching, I came across one particular problem, which I will describe as a learning standard. This problem is especially for students/pupils in zero-level standards. It is problem of whereby the teacher teaches and before the end of the lesson, some already has understood what the teacher is talking about while others don’t even know where the teacher is coming from or going to. It has been generally said that some children are brilliant than others, some are smarter, while others are geniuses. I will accept to all, except the one that says; “some children are brilliant than others”. During my teaching period, I can across many kinds of children with different levels of educations, that was when I knew that; “No child is brilliant than another, just that one knows what others do not know”.
Education, which many people believe is only the teacher in school that can impart it on a child is very wrong. Learning does not start from school teaching neither does not end there. Learning which I divided into four sections includes home training, environment, school, and religious teachings.
Home Training
Parents only thought all they got to teach the children at home is respect, manners and morals. But in all of the levels of education, home training is the highest of them all, which carries about 40% of learning. In other words, home training is the base of education, the other three which includes, school, environment and religious education are just peripherals. Look around parents who always complain of their children not learning; when you try to look back at the problem, you will notice it falls back at them.
A child comes back from school, he or she eats lunch, and the next thing is the child flies down to the street and start playing, and probably as a very busy parent you claim to be, you did not know how your child spends the remaining of the day, and as a parent who really cares about the child’s education, you never cared to ask what he or she learns in school. And after some weeks of schooling, at your own prefer time you decided to ask your child for his school books for a profiling and you where so disappointed when you see his poor performance. Then it will be easy for you to come to a conclusion by saying; is your teacher not teaching you in school? Note; all the teacher got to do is teach, and the teachers perform their tasks by doing so, you as the parent did you even care to check if what the teacher is teaching your child is correct or not? When last did you help your child out with his assignment? Have you ever try to explain that topic to him in a way he will understand? You don’t even know the subject or topic your child is finding problems on. Fine, let’s say you are busy type or the you don’t really know mush on the topic or subject, then employ some to do the job.
Get one thing straight, there are different kinds of way for a child to learn, the teacher’s methods might not be working on your own child but it will be working on others, that is why you as the parent you are advised to pay extra classes or lessons for your child either in school or at home. Try and be ahead of the school scheme, studying ahead makes what the teacher teaches a revision to the child.
Home training is the base of every child education, home education is not just to teach moral or manners, you can teach your child how to tell time even before they do in school; you can show him types of shapes even with things at home before the teacher does in school, all of this makes learning easy for the child. Parents always ask; “what are they even teaching you in school”, now my question is “what have you thought of him at home”?
Your environment also plays a very big part in your child’s education and learning. In one way one or the other your environment affects your child’s learning, imagine a child who has friends and companies who loves reading, educational movies or cartoons, and loves to play learning games? I am not trying to tell that your child should not engage his or herself on social activities, like sports, music class, and different kinds of hobbies and likes; the truth is they also learn from there too. Parents should know what kind of friends their children are mingling with, they are children who affect each other negatively or positively. How long does your child spend playing during weekends and holidays? It was quoted that learning without playing makes Jack a dull boy, but playing too much without learning makes him duller.
The environment can also be a part of learning if you are the type of parent that takes your children out for executions. A child who his or her parent has taken to the mountainside, airport, waterfall, different cities, will always have something to tell back to his or her friends. You can’t compare a child who has gone to the airport and was taken to different sections, with someone who was only told and shown pictures. Even many parents don’t want their children to participate in school executions, they see it as a way of the school extracting money from them. Even if you see it that way, but allow the child to go for the execution, there will always be something to write home about.
Have you ever wonder what your religion is teaching your child. Religion is not all about morals, respect, and manners. These days many stories from the bible and coran carry a lot of histories that even subjects like Geography, History and even Government have no coverage on. There are a lot of things that your child can learn from the children’s section in church and mosques that the teacher will not talk about in school. That’s why it is advisable for parents to drop their children in every category which they belong, in where they worship.
Schooling part of education which we think is the base of learning is just the part of education that revises every part of learning with the child. It is the only part of education that gives, new ideals, scores, and credit to every pupil and student.
Imagine a class where every kid knows different kinds of shapes, all the teacher has to do is make sure they don’t mistake triangle for the rectangle. The big question now is; why send my kid to school when the teacher does not impart anything on him? Sending your child to school really do matter, because that is where he gets to meet kids of his own level, gets more social, make school friends, share ideas, rate his learning, and to finalize all the other part of education. A kid who know about King Pharaoh and the Israelites for example, and thinks the red sea is the biggest, due to the miracle, will have to correct his impression when the teachers talk about different types of sea, in Social Studies.
A kid who plays the 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 games with his friends already knows the difference between odd and even numbers. He who plays football already knows the difference between pass, shoot, tackle and dribble when they talk about it on PHE.
By: George Uyigue Ihonwa
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