June 13, 2021


Why It Matters: Some have found that arriving at appointments a bit ahead of time actually reduces stress. Punctuality also enhances a person’s reputation. How so? Punctuality indicates competence. When you are on time, it shows that you try to be in control of your life instead of allowing circumstances to prevent you from doing the things you want to do. Punctuality suggests dependability. In a society where promises are often broken and commitments frequently ignored, people appreciate those who stick to their word.

Dependable people earn respect from friends and family. Employers value those who arrive on time for work and meet deadlines. Dependable workers may even be rewarded with a higher salary and greater trust. When two parties agree to meet at a specific time and peace, it is decent and proper for them to be punctual.

Farmers plant crops at the right time, right time, on time, in order to yield the best possible harvest. In other words, the farmer’s punctuality yields good results. Those who constantly make others wait could in effect be stealing your time.

What to do to be punctual if you find that you are regularly late for appointments, perhaps your schedule is too full. Why not cut nonessential time wasters? Schedule more time between appointments, and aim to arrive early. This will allow for unexpected circumstances, such as traffic congestion or bad weather. The bible also encourages modesty. This means knowing your limitations.

Decide whether an appointment or deadline will realistically fit your schedule before agreeing to it. By overbooking, you add stress and frustration to yourself and to others. Make the best use of your time, give priority to the most important tasks. For example, while using public transportation or waiting for others, take advantage of the time by catching up on reading or by planning the rest of your day.

Many who appreciate the value of punctuality struggle with tardiness themselves.

From; AWAKE no. 6 2016

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