June 13, 2021


As we all know the Nigeria movie industry has lots of problems, starting from the scripts to the acting, the directing, the actions, and the worse of it all is the editing. These days one story is repeated in the same way, same actions, and sometimes the same characters. This problem does not just lie on the movie crew but also on the fans. The colonies who brought filmmaking into existence only add a part two to a story when part one was good and fans keep asking for more of it, but in Nollywood it is never like, part two is a continuation from part one. It will even be better if the story ends in part two, sometimes it gets to five and six. (When it is not a series movie).

I am not writing to criticize the hard work they are putting together to keep the industry going but trying to let them we are never going to hit to the top of the world film industry if we continue with so many wack productions. I am here to talk to the fans, not the film crew. A movie ends with the good guy dying or losing; “the film nor just end well”. Hollywood came into existence eighty-one years before Nollywood, many times Hollywood tells us that the good guys lose. We all know of some popular stories like Romeo and Juliet, King Arthur, Spartacus, and many more I can’t mention, which the bad guys won and the good guys loosed.

And it is also in Nollywood that the fans want to see one action or actress plays one particular character. Patient Ozokwor should always be the bed mother-in-law, wicked stepmother or witch. Olu Jacob always wears the crown (king). Jim Iyke can never fall in love. Tonto Dikeh the queen of a prostitute. Osita Iheme & Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki and Paw-Paw) you already know the story. Not until you watch Hollywood movies like The Mummy 3 ‘tomb of the dragon empire’ staring Jet Lie and Amazing spider man 2 staring Jamie Foxx you can’t just tell who the bad guy. I thought of it, and I came to realize that the fans are also the cause of these things.

Let’s imagine Olu Jacob becomes the right-hand manservant to Ime Bishop Umoh (Okon). Or Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze are the superheroes instead of the trouble makers. That is when you see the fans making comments like “the film nor just tough” (it wasn’t interesting). Why will Olu Jacob be the servant instead of the king? Let’s sometimes allow the Nollywood movie crew to change things and see how it will go.  

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