June 13, 2021


These days everybody wants to rule social media with likes, retweets, shares, and comments, or probably they just want to be the first to update and be the news desk people will turn to when they need information online. But instead, others just want to log on to their various accounts and see thousands of notifications. It is every social youth or teenager’s dream to be the ash tag, or post the ash tag of the day or week.

But in all of these, wrong information are been shared online. Sometimes people just want to post, and they don’t seem to have any good deal to attract their likes, follower, and friends, they just write and good article Google search for a good picture that will suite it and publish.  

While others get and information that is very correct but makes it looks more delicious and spice it with some goodies (add sugar, seasons, and salt). An example is like the story that is on in Libya right now. Yes, it is true, people traveling by land were killed.

There was a crash in camp between a Libyan who owns the camp and some sets of gangs called the Alsma Boys. It is true that during the gunfire innocent people lost their lives indeed. I am not here to talk about the story but to talk about how the story was twisted to “war against those traveling by land”.

And I always want to send my pleadings to those who twist stories; they hear stories and put them up down and the down-up. Right now Blacks especially immigrants in Italy are now living in fear. It was said that between the dates of 18th to 23rd of January, there was going to be a massive arrest and deportations of black men in Italy to their various countries.

The Italian Government was only planning some changes in the laws on immigration because of the overload of refugees present and non-aid from other European Governments. Ask who told you if he or she was there, what you get in reply is “na person tell me” ask who told him or her, the same response repeats itself, “na person still tell me oh”. But in all of these, there are people out there who you are killing with your untruthful stories, there are people who really believe in your lies a hundred percent, so please stop spoiling social media for us. It will get to a time that even when the truth is posted or published, nobody will even have a ten percent interest in reading or neither believing it.

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