June 13, 2021

Expecting A Miracle By Typing “AMEN”

I really cannot tell what this Christian generation is turning into; people now believe too much on social media prayers, all they do is type “Amen” and “I receive”, on some else’s car, house, or money. Sometimes “it is not my portion” to some Nollywood screenshot.   Dangote didn’t become a billionaire by typing AMEN on social media “so my brothers work hard”. FD beat (producer/sound engineer). Come to think of its true, why wasting your time, battery, and data? Ok, let’s say you use free Wi-Fi or free cheat so the data is not a problem.

But in Nigeria where I came from, the power supply company is not your friend, why waste your battery? I am a Christian and I believe so much in miracles, but sometimes they are things I don’t say Amen to.   A pastor’s baby was playing with her dad’s phone and accidentally posted “sdjmhryuiowq kdfshjsvfjj tokoloshika bskklsprfrrrrrrrr” on the pastor’s Facebook wall. Within an hour over 1,500 followers had commented; “Amen”, “I receive it”. And about 900 people had shared the post. What exactly is wrong with this generation?

But today is Sunday please remember to go to church and don’t just follow on social media. Doby Isaac (comedian)   Dr. Doby might have made a joke out of this, but the truth is, it is true. If you know you need prayers, there are hundreds of pastors, ministers, and prayer warriors out there that are willing to pray with you. And this will refer us back to the article I wrote weeks back “Jesus and Social Media”. Is it only Christians that have social media accounts? Have you ever seen a Muslims, Jews or idol worshipers procrastinating online? The way you believe in your God so as they believe in theirs. So Christians let’s try and take things easy on social media.

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