June 13, 2021


When things don’t work out for you when things happen that you can’t anticipate, what reasons can you think of that can keep you strong, that can keep you going? I will you.   First I want to be wealthy, I want to be able to provide and give my family a luxurious life, I want to live my dreams and only a few hardworking people get to live their dreams. I want to achieve my dreams because I want to live comfortably, I want to achieve my dreams because 90% of the world’s wealth is controlled by 10% of the world’s populations and 10% of people who controls 90% of the world’s wealth are people who set and achieve their goals.

Getting a reason why you should achieve your goals is one of the most vital parts of goal setting because, along the way you are bound to face challenges, you are bound to face disappointment, failures, rejections, etc. at that point we all need reasons to go on, we all need that thing that can make us stand up again, that can keep us going, without that reason we are liable to quit after the first time. Most of the time I tend to wonder how the people who have achieved their goals and dreams made it. Because according to their story they went through hell. They faced the shame, disgrace, rejection from friends and foes but still yet they did it.

They succeeded and made their dreams a reality, why, because their why’s, was greater than their failures, their reasons to fail.   Let’s take for example Michael Faraday the founder of electricity now even though he failed ninety-nine times before he finally got it, he never backed out, he never stops trying, Because he wanted to bring about evolution, he wanted to bring out something nobody has ever done before, he wanted to bring our something so useful that humanity will need it for generations to come. Now tell me, is that not a good reason to keep trying? I believed that our ways, our reasons are there to turn our ground into a trampoline, so that no matter how hard we fall, we are sure to bounce back up and the bigger and stronger your reasons are for achieving your goals and dreams and aspiration, the bouncier your trampoline will become.   So don’t just set goals, look for reasons to back up your goals, look for reasons to back up your goals, so that you will have a trampoline to bounce you back up when you fall, and remember, GET INSPIREDgot you INSPIRED.

By: Joseph Edomamwen Obaigbavbiere

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